Monday, February 7, 2011

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Good Day Friends and Followers,

It has been quite some time since I have updated my blog and with tutorials piling up I thought it was time to update. I have been dealing with some real life issues thus the reason for my absence. My daughter is now married, as of December 3rd and I just recently found out that I am going to become a GRANDMA with the due date being October 3rd 2011 (maybe the new baby will be born on my birthday October 2nd... that would be cool)

My Mom was put in the hospital on Friday February 4th for what is called portal hypertension which resulted in gastric varices. Here is a short explanation of this condition:

Gastric varices
are dilated submucosal veins in the stomach, which can be a life-threatening cause of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage. They are most commonly found in patients with portal hypertension, or elevated pressure in the portal vein system, which may be a complication of cirrhosis.

She will ultimately need to have a non invasive surgical procedure performed called TIPS (Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt). If you are interested in this procedure there is alot of information that can be googled.

Last week I got together with and old grammar school friend of mine who I had not seen in 20 years and found out that she had just had a heart attack and suffers from congestive heart failure and Saturday February 5th she under went a 5 way heart bypass where she was told she would only have a 20% chance of coming through.

Keeping in close contact with my friend I learned that her mom came through the bypass and is doing well. I hope to learn more in the very near future.

So this is what my life has consisted of. Just keep the prayers coming for all of my family and for my friend and her family.

Hugs and Love
Angel Wolf


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My 17 Daughter swore into the U.S. Army to be a CBRN Specialist on October 10, 2008 and will deploy to Fort Jackson, South Carolina on July 7,2009 where she will fulfill 9 weeks of boot camp. She will then deploy to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to fulfill ll weeks of her specialist training. Courtney has completed her basic training graduating on Oct 2, 2009. She is now in Ft Leonard Wood, MO for her AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and due to graduate December 16, 2009. She will return home December 17, 2009 for approximately 4 1/2 weeks. She will be bound to Ft. Benning, GA for approximately 2 years Great job on your accomplishments thus far, girlfriend and keep up the great work. We are all extremely proud of you for helping to continue to keep our Country a Free Country. Love Always and Forever!! Mom, Dad and Bug ************************ **April 13, 2010 UPDATE** Courtney left for Iraq on March 28,2010. So much for being in a no ship zone at Ft. Benning. Any way she is in Al Kut, Iraq approximately 100 SE of Baghdad. I chat with her regularly over the computer. She should be back in the Stats in Mid September. We sure to love and miss her dearly!!!! ************************** My Daughter arrived back in the states late September 2010. I have not seen her yet but alot has happened.

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